2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team E Article 2May 08, 2019


Hello, I would like to introduce our team E‘s airplane, “S.K.H.Q. “.We will be challenging on a Blended Wing Body design, or an airplane with no tail wing, and have now come up with the initial design. Although strictly speaking, it is planned to have a rather large pair of wing tips with vertical rudders integrated into it so it is not fully a“rudderless” design. The pitch and trim will be controlled using elevons mounted on the trailing edge of either wings. The thrust will be provided from a single rear mounted 7 inch propeller powered by a brushless 1500~2000kv motor, using a 3 cell LiPo battery as a power source. The wing span is initially planned to be 1m, but is currently under review since, more wing area may be preferable. The control surfaces are planned to be moved using 3 servo motors, 1 for the 2 rudders, and 2 for each of the elevons. The planned positions and the diagram of the airplane are as shown in the picture, (though these are yet only initial plans). We will be finalizing the plans in the coming weeks, and aim to get a flying machine during June. The name of the airplane is pronounced “Shikuhaku “ meaning, “Mr.”S”, Mr.”K”, Mr.”H” undergoing a lot of hardship and difficulties to achieve “Q”uality ”, since that is exactly what we are expected to go through in the next few months. Though, of course we are looking forward to the challenge, and we can’t wait to see our work take to the skies!  こんにちは、チームEの機体、「S.K.H.Q.」について紹介したいと思います。