2015 summer semester team F 9thJuly 08, 2015


This week , based on the result of the previous flight test , we discuss the future of the policy . First , we have observed the video taken at the time of the previous flight test . Using only gyro , in the mode for controlling the angular velocity , it is possible to take off , but I can also horizontal flight , there was able to suddenly fall during descent . If you want to control the roll pitch angle there was a case to be crashed become unstable by using a gyro and acceleration sensor .
As a result of discussions about the causes , the lack of coordination control parameters , vibration to the sensor , we were able to include some of the factors, such as the stall of the rotor .
Future hit the measures for each of the elements , and we want to reflect on Unit 2 conduct an equal corresponding to add consideration whether there is any other cause .

Department of Precision Engineering
Soichiro Iwataki