2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 14th Team CJuly 13, 2016


This week we completed our aircraft and committed a flying test. And the result was fortunately success. We made a lot of trouble in designing our aircraft, especially the inverted camber wing. So we were very happy to see our aircraft flying. Our most concern was whether or not our aircraft gains the vertical stability. We succeeded in flying our airframe very stably not handling elevon and rudder. So it is safely said that we succeeded to gain the vertical stability in tailless aircraft, fooo↑↑.
Our airframe took off and landed safely and smoothly. But, when taking off, we had to make the rear part float a little by handling the elevon. Three factors are possible for the cause of this phenomenon. First, simply the rear part which contacts the ground has some friction. Second, the driving force for takeoff is not enough. Third, the convex part of the wing generates downstream. So we will try another high power motor in next test. And, this time we made our airframe swing by handling only rudder. Next time, we will try handling elevon.
The University of Tokyo, Arts and science
Manabu Nishiura