2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 8th Team FJune 01, 2016


[Summary of this week]
In this week, we completely made our plane. Our plane’s weak point was the length of the gears and we needed much effort to make the gears. Because this plane is under 200g, we conducted the first flight test in Hongo campus. The flight test was succeeded and proved the Correctness of aerodynamic design.
We also are making IR guidance units. In the guidance units, the detector was completed and we did an experiment of the performance of the detector. From data of the device, we will make functions of voltage toward the distance and an angle between the detector and the IR rights. Using this function, we must do simulations of guidance.
The substrate of the controller was made. So we must start constructing the control programs and conducting flight tests with an auto pilot system.

 Our airplane was completely made.
 The detector of IR guidance unit was made.
 The substrate of the controller was made.
 The first flight test was successfully conducted.

[Problems and subjects]
 We must secure a space of flight tests to demonstrate an experiment of our aircraft and auto-pilot system
 We must do simulations of guidance and control laws.

Naoto Morita
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics