2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 15th Team CJuly 13, 2016


On Wednesday in last week, we had the last flight test in Gotenshita Gym. In the former flight test, our wing flew better than we’ve imaged. However, after the test, it went wrong a little. So, we repaired it, and try again.
In the last test, we decided to use the elevon more than two weeks ago. The elevon works better than predicted. We could make the wing turn both right and left.
After it, the presentation of this class was held. Our team focused on the step of designing wing.
All this class was over, and our manufacturing of the wing.

There are good points in the week’s activity. First, Takahiro controlled our wing very well. His skill improved by using the elevon better. The wing flying freely moved the member of our team so much. Secondly, our team’s presentation of last class was so prepared. As a result, our flying robot project ended with success.
At the last flight in the gym, our wing was broken if it hit the basket goal. I think it’s because controlling our wing was more difficult than other ordinary wings.

In this class, we were taught not only flight dynamics but also all manufacturing wings, planning, analyzing, co-operation… . I want to say thank you to all the people helping us.

The University of Tokyo, Science 1st course 2nd year
Shino Takenaka