2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 10th Team AJune 15, 2016


This week, we succeeded in crafting frames of a main wing and ailerons. Last week, we realized that if we promote the production at this pace, our plane cannot fly at the day we are planning to hold a flight test. So we decided to have an extra time to craft our plane. Though it was not easy work, we made great progress. At the end of our class, the whole structure of our plane was visible. We felt some sense of achievement and we have come to highly motivated to promote further production.
Our production was relatively efficient this week. Though there was some trouble cutting out parts from balsa woods, we could make the frame of the main wing and flaps. That process needed accuracy so we had to concentrate on the work. For good things, we succeeded in the division of production this week. It is very important to cooperate with team members, so we hope to work on the production like this from next week.
Our trouble resulted from the place which was burnt by a laser cutter. So we come to know it is necessary to estimate its space. However, we were able to cope with the trouble. So it was a fruitful experience.

Morito Katsuyama
freshman student
College Of arts and Science , The University Tokyo

東京大学理科I類 一年 チームA
勝山 杜都