2023 Winter Semester Flying Robot Project Team A Article 2December 20, 2023


This is Team A of the Flying Robot Project (2023A Semester), and we would like to provide a progress report for December 20th.

This week, we focused on the production of the main wing. The production of the main wing is one of the most time-consuming processes in aircraft manufacturing. To give you a detailed overview of the specific steps, the creation of one unit involves the following three processes:

- Adhering four ribs with four bars
- Affixing five balsa wood sheets to create a D-box structure
- Applying washi paper from the top

Although it might seem like a straightforward task when listed, it is, in reality, a challenging process. Furthermore, to complete one wing, three units are required, necessitating the creation of a total of six units. The bonding process between units adds an extra layer of complexity.

The goal was to complete two units of the main wing this week, or so we thought. At the end of the class, we realized that we had unintentionally created one unit in reverse order. Unfortunately, it cannot be reused, and we have to recreate it. There are still many components, such as the tail wing and fuselage, that need to be created. Since there is a long road ahead, we will gather our focus and resume work next week. Additionally, we were able to decide on the method of bonding units within our team during this week's class. We will continue to collaborate and work hard for the next steps.