2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 12th Team BJune 30, 2016


This week our team have accomplished two big tasks. One task was an improvement of main wings. Although our main wings were completed, we found that the main wings were weak when they received the force to be twisted. To make them stronger, a string was attached between frames of main wings. The other task was to fix a motor and servomotors on the body. We made balsa boxes that tie the servomotors to the body and placed them under main wings. Also, a propeller was attached to the motor at the head of the aircraft and it was tied with a rubber band.
The main achievement of this week was that almost all parts of aircraft was fixed and the shape of aircraft was completed. Also, moving the balsa boxes and main wigs on the body, the location of the center of the gravity came to the perfect position.
However, our aircraft still has some problems. The string that connects servomotors and the horizontal tail disturbs the movement of the vertical tail. And the length of cables that connects servomotors and receiver is short. So we need to solve these problems next week.

Kazuki Ishihama
College of Sciences an Arts

東京大学教養学部2年 石濱和樹