2019 Autumn Semester Flying Robot Project Team C Article 3November 17, 2019


This time, we made a drone body by cutting the balsa plate with a laser cutter and purchased a motor used for propellers.
In terms of the production of the drone body, we reflected on the failure of using laser cutter due to the mistake of previous file conversion and investigated how to convert the file beforehand, so we successfully converted the file. As a result, We succeeded cut the balsa board accurately. Also, when cutting the balsa, the plate thickness of the balsa plate was about 3mm, and since the plate could not be cut by passing through one laser through, the plate was cut by laser treatment many times.
The picture I posted this time is a temporary assembly of the propeller joint of the drone body which was manufactured last time by a 3D printer and the drone body which was manufactured this time. However, since the propeller joint part of the drone body that I made last time didn’t have a screw hole for attaching the motor, I would like to print a revised version of the drone body with a 3D printer by the next time.
In terms of purchasing a motor, the teacher explained about the power and the number of rotation per minute of the motor and estimated the lift of the flying object by using a program (https://www.ecalc.php). Therefore, I applied for the purchase because it is a motor that matches the estimated weight of the draw.
Next time, I'd like to make a revised version of the propeller joint of the drone body with a 3D printer, prepare a screw and join with the drone body that I made this time, and also proceed with the production. When the motor and propeller arrive, we are thinking of joining the parts.
モーターの購入では、先生からモーターの馬力、回転数についての説明を受け、飛行物体の揚力を計算できるプログラム(を用いて計算し、機体の重量の予測値が約350gであり、モーターが、Dualsky ECO 2304C V2の KV値2300のものを4つ付けてプロペラの直径を7インチほどにすると推力が600gほどとなるので、安定して機体を持ち上げられると考えられます。よって、今回製作するドローンの推定重量にあったモーターであるとされるので、購入の申請をしました。