2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 8th Team CJune 01, 2016


Last week we started to construct our airframe. We made a rudder of a vertical tail and two ailerons. Everyone in this team has experienced treating with balsa woods for the first time. But soon we got used to it, and after an hour we finished making a framework of our rudder and ailerons. Next, we should challenge main wings, but we had difficulty in designing main wings. Our main concept was a tailless aircraft, and we decided to use an inverted camber wing to gain vertical stability. In designing the main wing we used XFLR5 in order to calculate some of stability parameters of the aircraft wing model. First figure shows our provisional wing and next figure is one of the analysis data.
[Achievements] All members of our team participated in this week activities and finally we completed a frame of the rudder and the ailerons. I think that we have gotten used to crafting aircraft parts.
More analysis or research for the inversed camber wing is needed.

The University of Tokyo, Arts and science
Manabu Nishiura

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