2015 summer semester team B 1stMay 20, 2015


Weekly report from team B. What we did this week was to improve our basic airplane design based on comments we received for our presentation on the first three-view drawing. As for the wings, the trailing edges originally were perpendicular with the body, but they are now on a slight angle so that main supporting beam (for wings) can be installed without bending (the leading edges are on an angle as well and so our wings are tapered). We also increased the dihedral angle from 5 degrees to 12 degrees as it was not big enough. Aside from changes on wings, we diagonally cut off the bottom part of the rudder. Such an alteration was necessary to free up some space for elevator movement. We are now looking into reducing the total length of the airplane from 1200mm to somewhere around 1000mm. This way, the body can be crafted from a single carbon pole and not two joined poles (the maximum length of one carbon pole is 1000mm).

Science 1, College of Arts and Sciences
Go Yasui

安井 豪