2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 10th Team CJune 15, 2016


This week we made the frames of main wings with wood. Firstly we used 3D CAD called Autodesk Inventer to make data in order to cut and carry off ribs with a laser cutter. Secondly, following a plan, we located parts correctly and combine them with glue. Then we set diagonal beams properly so as to make wings stronger and stronger like the photo (the left-front wing was taken in the photo). Also we prepared other parts, for example joints, so that we will dock all wings and center ribs into one next week.
In this week almost all members participated in operation. As a result there was a great advance in process of work. I hope we will continue to unite effort and do our best in limited time.
Of course there are still many problems. The first one is our immaturity in skills. For example, in process of combining wood, Mr. Kanegawa helps us very much. If it had not been for him, we couldn’t have make wings. We are grateful to him and feel from next we have to operate by ourselves as much as possible. The other is insufficiency of plan. In some part, I haven’t decided what to do, so we’ll make plan complete to do jobs delay.

Nishiyama Gaku
College of Arts and Sciences
今週は主翼の骨組みを作った。まずはAutodesk Inventer でリブのデータを作りレーザーカッターで切り出し、次に設計図に基づいて骨組みを作った。そして、斜めに部材を入れることで翼の強度を上げることにした(写真参照)。また、結合部などの部品を準備を進めたので、来週は翼とセンターリブのドッキング作業を行う予定だ。

東京大学理科Ⅰ類 2年  西山 学