The 8th ClassJune 05, 2013


This week we tried a destructive test on the main wing of the “Amembo”. The test was done by attaching weights on the wing. We prepared for this test by calculating the theoretical torque on the root, and thought how to attach the weights so it can approach the moment curve. The five of us made different conclusions, so we discussed which number is the best to use. The test was carefully and silently done, with the students from MIT observing. The result was very different from our calculation; it broke at the root by the torque, but it was only about 1/8 of our assumption. We discussed the reason why it broke so easily, and we discovered many points to be careful about.



正村 康太郎(Kotaro Shomura)


I think the flying experiment was interesting. Those students are working hard and using physics to construct the best airplane. Since we are also from an engineering university, it was the perfect experience for us. In addition, it was also useful for the purposes of learning Japanese. エクシペリメントは面白かったと思います。あの学生たちは物理学を使って、一番いい飛行機を作るためにがんばります。私たちも工学の大学から来たので、ちょうどいい経験でした。また、私たちの日本語を習うためにも便利でした。

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


The stress test (for the airplane experiment) was interesting. Before watching (the experiment) I didn't know if I could understand the explanation in Japanese but by the end of the explanation I figured out what the overall experiment was. Thank you for everything!

Massachusetts Institute of Technology