2023 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team C Article 3June 07, 2023


This is Alvin Praet, a third-year student of the faculty of Engineering Systems Innovation, who is in charge of this week's blog post on the airplane project. We usually study space and geology, but in this project, our goal is to learn basic aerospace skills through manufacturing.
In our group, we are planning to build a catamaran. Not only is it a twin-fuselage plane, but we plan to use the space between the fuselages to carry a payload and add a mechanism to drop the payload during flight. The design must be delicate, as it must maintain stability in response to changes in the center of gravity.
The progress until last week was that we started making the horizontal and vertical tail fins while the CAD was being completed; the CAD was roughly modeled, but the detailed joints and other details had not been finalized.
This week, we were able to advance the CAD to a stage where it was almost complete by the time the class started. We were then able to finish gluing the vertical and horizontal tail fins together and finish shaping them. Thanks to Boeing's donation, we were able to purchase the necessary parts, for which we are very grateful. Furthermore, now that the CAD is almost complete, we were able to proceed with cutting out the parts using the laser cutter.
Next week, we will be cutting out more parts with the laser cutter and assembling the parts. We are very much looking forward to it.
今週の飛行機プロジェクトのブログ記事を担当する、工学部システム創成学科Cコース3年生のプラート アルヴィンです。普段は宇宙や地質について学んでおりますが、このプロジェクトではものづくりを通して航空宇宙の基礎的な技術を身につけることを目標としています。
先週までの進捗としては、CADが完成するまでの間に水平尾翼と垂直尾翼の製作を始めた点です。CAD は大まかな造形はできていたものの、細かい接合部などを詰めきれていない段階でした。
今週は、CAD を授業が始まる前の段階までに、ほとんど完成させる段階まで進めることができました。その上で、垂直尾翼と水平尾翼の接着を完了させ、形を作り終えることができました。その傍ら、胴体部や電気系を製作するために必要な部材を注文する作業も行いました。Boeing 社の寄付のおかげで、必要な部品を購入することができてとても感謝しております。更に、CADがほとんど完成したので、レーザーカッターを用いてパーツを切り出す作業も進めることができました。