2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 9th Team CJune 09, 2016


After the 8th lecture, we only finished making frames of a fin and elevons. It seemed to take much more time to complete making all parts. So we have to make every efforts to have enough time to work on making our plane. Based on some technical advice on our plane’s design from teaching assistants and xflr5 (an analysis software), we finally decided the design and began creating the frame of the main wing.
Since we are creating a flying wing which have the main wing separated to two parts, we often face technical difficulties. For instance, we wandered what consideration we should pay when it comes to the joint part of main wings.
Though we constantly hit a wall in creating our plane, each member of our team takes good cooperation and thus produces progress steadily.

University of Tokyo, Department of Arts and Science, Sophomore
Yuya Hamaguchi