2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 7th Team AMay 25, 2016


We were lectured how to use the laser cutter and the flight simulator, and how to cut and assemble balsa woods last week. This week we made full-scale design drawings of the center rib, other ribs, the vertical stabilizer, the rudder, the horizontal stabilizer and the elevator. We shared these tasks and each of us did our own tasks. The drawings of the vertical stabilizer, the rudder, the horizontal stabilizer, the elevator and the center rib were completed. But other ribs were not because how to assemble the sub spar and the ribs was not confirmed.
Since the drawing of the stabilizers were completed, we are able to start to make the flying robot next week. We will make the stabilizers first.
The problem is the hinge of the aileron and the sub spar. Since the hinge of the aileron is bigger than that of the rudder, it cannot be made in same way. It must be improved. We will discuss it next week and determine by the next class.

Tomoaki Yabu
2nd year sophomore student
University of Tokyo, College of Arts and Sciences (Science 1 course)

藪 智明
東京大学教養学部(前期課程)理科一類 2年