2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team F Article 5June 05, 2019


We started PX4 setting this week.
PX4 is a well-developed software/hardware for automated flying control. Basically, a PX4 system contains hardware with sensors, a radio receiver and a processor which could be attached on the body of a plane, and a software system in the processor which keep the plane behave as desired. As a whole, the automated flying control system releases the pilot from trivial control such as balance control.

PX4 setting is mainly about the software part. We applied a ground-control-station software called QGroundControl for the purpose.
What we have done is:
- QGroundControl installation to a computer:
Then we connected the PX4 to the computer to do settings.
- Troubleshooting:
The first PX4 device we tried could not be detected by the computer. After reinstallation of software and test on another computer environment, we managed to find out the device could be broken. After changing to a new PX4 device, it worked.
- Basic settings:
We launched settings of airframe, sensors, radio systems, flight modes, etc. Most of this process was under the help of our TA Mr. Morita. We thank him for the great support.

We got a challenge on the airframe customization. Among airframes provided by the platform of PX4, there is no exact airframe for our design. The most similar one to ours is "VTOL Duo Tailsitter". But it has no tail while our design got one. Therefore we have to build our own airframe by our hands.
We will start research on the software and the proper customizing way next. This is totally new for all the members, but I am sure it would be an exciting venture.

- パソコンにQGroundControlのインストール:
- 問題解決:
 airframe, sensors, radio systems, flight modesなどの設定を行いました。この部分の設定はほとんどTAの森田さんのサポートですすめました。彼の助けに感謝いたします。

そして、我々はairframeのカスタマイズ化のチャレンジが残っています。PX4上提供されているairframeの中に、我々のデザインにピッタリの物がないです。一番近いものは「VTOL Duo Tailsitter」ですが、それは無尾翼機で我々ののデザインは尾翼があります。ということで、自分たちで新しいairframeを作らなければなりません。