2021 Autumn Semester Flying Robot Project Team B Article 1November 24, 2021


Nice to meet you, I am Goto, a freshman. On this day, I finished the tail wing that I made last time. I feel that 90 minutes in class is a long time when it comes to academic subjects. However, when it comes to something like crafts, where we actually move our hands, 90 minutes seems very short. On this day, the only thing we were able to do was the tail wing. One of the reasons was that the data processing of the main wing ribs was delayed and the main wing ribs were in a state of rate-limiting speed. However, once the vertical tail wing was completed, the quota for the day was fulfilled, so it was not a delay. Also, Morita-sensei made a small airplane for us while we were waiting for the ribs to be cut out. After adjusting the center of gravity several times, we tried to fly it and it flew surprisingly well. As you can see in the photo, we had to attach a lot of weight to the top of the plane, but we learned that it would be better to use a retractable wing to eliminate this problem, and we also learned how to balance the plane using the horizontal tail. I was surprised that I could learn so much from such waste materials. My teammate, who was processing Rib's data, had to stare at his computer the whole time and was unable to participate in building the plane from this scrap wood.