2015 summer semester team D 1stMay 20, 2015


Weekly report from team D.
There held on May 20th the presentations about the first draft participants had submitted this week. There our plan turned out to include many problems such as that the aspect ratio was too high or that the propeller should be larger.
Beside the advices we received from the TA’s, we changed our plan and decided our plane should equip ailerons where we had been thinking of the one without them. The shape of the main wing should also be altered from the original design with flat shape. These changes are for the sake of improving the control precision, which is the main aim of our team.
The photo attached was taken during our discussion over how to change our draft. We must get together several times this week in addition to the lecture to share the concept and to decide on the specification.

Department of Mechano-Informatics
Shun Yasunaga

安永 竣