2023 Winter Semester Flying Robot Project Team B Article 3December 20, 2023


"This week, team B started working on the main wing section. The balsa materials were cut last week using a laser cutting machine, and this week, they are assembling and bonding the components according to the 1:1 blueprint.

First, secure the pre-cut materials onto the blueprint. To ensure that the materials are all perpendicular to the tabletop, pre-cut wooden blocks are employed for additional support. Use tape to bond the wooden blocks to the balsa materials. Once all the materials are securely fixed, use square timbers and glue them together at the pre-designated bonding points. When the bonding points are completely dry, remove the tape and fixed wooden blocks. Then, use a cutting machine to trim off any excess square timbers.

Due to the narrowness of some parts, there were a few instances of breakage during the bonding process. Some were repaired with adhesive, while others required recutting with the laser cutting machine.

Next week, we will repeat the process to produce the other side of the main wing, paying closer attention to prevent breakage during bonding."