2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team F Article 7June 12, 2019


One of the most challenging parts of our work is to create a device for adjustment of the plane's center of gravity. As the plane uses no propeller for moving forward, the only way to get forward forces is to glide, taking advantage of the gravitational potential energy from a higher position. It is implied that the plane should convert two modes of flight: climbing and gliding. Apparently, the two flight mode require totally different posing where adjustment of the gravity center is very essential.

The device we designed mainly consists of a servo, a weight (the battery of the plane was used for it), a fixed pulley and threads connecting other parts. We hope the simple design would work well and provide a movement over 5 cm of the gravity center in an operation.

Most parts of the device have been made today. Rest parts and the job combining them would be finished by next week.

私達が設計した装置は主にサーボ、おもり(飛行機のバッテリーが使われた)、固定滑車と他の部品を接続する糸です。私たちは、シンプルなデザインがうまく機能し、一回の操作で重心を5 cm以上の動がせることを目指しています。