2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 8th Team EJune 01, 2016


This week we finished making the most of the empennage of our plane. The empennage will be completed after sticking paper on the frame. We also drew the CAD blueprint for the parts to connect the fuselage and the main wing. We plan to create these parts using a laser cuter, and check if they are strong enough to connect the fuselage and the main wing properly. The next task will be to create the main wing. As for the programing for automatic circling, we found a website on how to read the signals from a RC controller using Arduino( We plan to write our source code based on the code posted on this site.
We were able to make the empennage quite smoothly due to the help from our mentors, and are now able to make the structure of the plane by ourselves. We have also attained a clear vision on how to make the circuit, and the source code for automatic circling.
However, there are still several things that must be solved to complete our project. For example, we must make the actual circuit and conduct an experiment to determine the parameters for controlling our plane. There is also a need to create the main wing perfectly symmetric which we still find hard to do.

Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Keisuke Kanda

航空宇宙工学科 3年