2023 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team D Article 2May 31, 2023


Today, we assembled the machine based on the blueprint we designed in CAD. Our machine consists of 5mm x 5mm square carbon pipes and 5mm balsa wood. We cut balsa wood with a LASER cutter and glued it together. It is difficult to cut 5mm balsa wood, we cut 2mm and 3mm balsa and put it together. We were able to adjust the parameters of LASER appropriately, so we could process it cleanly. And we also checked whether we could assemble it as drawn in CAD. Since we did not have enough materials, today's assembly was over. Carbon pipes, blushless motors, ESCs, and propellers are scheduled to arrive next week, so we plan to assemble them.
The rest of the time, we learned about software and electric devices in our drone. I was surprised at the many things that can be done with off-the-shelf products than I expected. I understood why drones or multicopters are so popular all over the world. We decided to use Pixhawk and PX4 as Flight Controller systems. Fortunately, there is a PX4 in the laboratory, we could use and try it. A member of the team connected the PX4 and PC with Q Ground Control installed with a cable and checked the calibration method of IMU. He took the PX4 back to his home and tried out more features. In class next week, we will try to turn the motor.
残りの時間で、ソフトウェアと電装について学習しました。想像よりも既製品でできることが多く、驚きました。なぜ世界中でドローンが流行しているのかわかりました。PixhawkとPX4を使うことになりました。幸運にも、PX4が実験室にあったので、使って試すことが出来ました。チームの一人がQ Ground ControlをPCにインストールして、有線接続によりIMUのキャリブレーションを試しにやってみました。家に持ち帰ってより多くの機能を試しています。来週はモーターを回してみようと思います。