Outreach Activities アウトリーチ活動

In outreach activities, we conduct to convey understandable to people outside the university on research and results of the Graduate School of Engineering. It is an activity for your students and their parents mainly small convex, it is meaningful activities and graduate students, but also for undergraduate students.

Elementary school students, Junior high school students, and High school students and their parents

By knowing about the research being conducted at the University of engineering, I get a feeling whether you are helped to learn science in school and how it is applied in society. You can get interested in engineering at an early stage, it is a chance to think to go to engineering.

For undergraduate and graduate students

By trying to demystify their research, organize and organize their own scientific knowledge, deeper and more creative thinking. By improving communication skills, you will be able to manufacturing in creative team.

How I outreach activities






Techno-Science Cafe

Techno-Science Cafe Photo

Technoscience Café is a part of “Convey the Appeal of Engineering” activities conducted by the School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo since 2011. テクノサイエンスカフェは、小中高生とその保護者に向けた"工学の魅力を伝える"活動の一環として、2011年より、東京大学大学院工学系研究科・工学部にて開催されています。

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Master Classes for High School students

Master Classes for High School students Photo

In high school-university collaborative lectures, university students (mainly from the engineering field) give a presentation on topics from their own major at a partner high school. 高大連携講講座では、主に工学系研究科の学生が、自身の専門分野についての講座を提携する高校に対して開催します。

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High School students visits

High School students visits Photo

The student visit is focused on laboratories and research teams in the Graduate School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo. We ask the participating students to fill out questionnaires which help us monitor students’ interest in engineering in the long term. 高校生による大学見学では、主に東京大学大学院工学系研究科で行われている研究や研究室などの紹介を行います。参加して頂いた高校生の皆様には、工学への興味関心の変化を調査するためのアンケートへの長期的なご協力をお願いしています。

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International Activities

International Activities Photo

International Activity, aims at enhancing international understanding through global experiences among students at elementary school to high school in Japan. 国際活動は小学生から高校生を対象に、国際体験を通して国際感覚を磨き、国際理解を深めることを目指した活動です。

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