Todai To Texas(TTT)

Todai to Texas is a project to bring tech-startup teams form The University of Tokyo to South by Southwest(SXSW). A selection takes place at two "Demo days" in summer and autumn. Undergraduate students, graduate students, young researchers, as well as graduates are welcome to apply the demo day, and it's allowed to gather team members form other universities or companies. The application must be done by a team and applicants must have a prototype product. At SXSW, all selected teams exhibit to 4-days "SXSW Interactive trade show" and they can get real feedback for their tech-products from hundreds of trade show visitors. The main goal of this project is encouraging grobal entrepreneurship and offer an opportunity to progress to the next stage.

Todai To Texas Official
South by Southwest

Todai to Texasとは、米国テキサス州オースティンで毎年開催されるSouth by Southwest(SXSW)へ、東京大学のテクノロジースタートアップチームを派遣するプロジェクトです。派遣チームは夏と秋2回のデモデーによって選ばれます。学部学生、大学院生、若手研究者および卒業生を対象としており、チームメンバーは他大学や学外から集めても構いません。デモデー応募にあたってはチームが組成されていることと、プロトタイプが既にあることが求められます。SXSWに派遣されたチームは、4日間開催されるトレードショウ(展示会)に出展し、多くの来場者からプロダクトに対するリアルなフィードバックを得ることが出来ます。その結果として、グローバルなアントレプレナーシップを醸成し、現地で得られたフィードバックを元に参加者が次のステップへ進めることをこのプロジェクトでは目指しています。

Activities Reportactivities "Todai To Texas(TTT)" Report

  • April 12, 2016

    TodaiToTexas2016 report from Phonvert

    "phonvert" : converting retired smartphones for other purposes
    Project phonvert is an open project that is trying to find new ways to “phonvert” retired smartphones to smartify our lives.
    Our mission is to spread the word “phonvert” to steer everyone to reuse their retired smartphones.
    We exhibited our concept at SXSW as a project selected by Todai To Texas.
    Project phonvert got a lot of feedback from visitors, and were covered by many media.
    Now we are trying to find a new way for how smartphones can be reused with collaborators all over the world.

    Keisuke Shiro

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  • April 12, 2016

    TodaiToTexas2016 report from Otopot

    I exhibited “OTOPOT- the voice recording device as if voice is water -” in the production with my friends of college at Todai To TEXAS booth of SXSW2016 Interactive TradeShow.
    Our preparation of exhibition, demonstration machine , videos ,and web site , had been ready until just before the exhibition but we were able to finish 4-days exhibition without interruption of demo. Audience of TradeShow gave us many positive and favorable reaction more than the Japanese exhibition. We got many useful opinions for product development and a lot of cheers.

    Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies
    Takeshi Katayama

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