TodaiToTexas2016 report from OtopotApril 12, 2016


I exhibited “OTOPOT- the voice recording device as if voice is water -” in the production with my friends of college at Todai To TEXAS booth of SXSW2016 Interactive TradeShow.
Our preparation of exhibition, demonstration machine , videos ,and web site , had been ready until just before the exhibition but we were able to finish 4-days exhibition without interruption of demo. Audience of TradeShow gave us many positive and favorable reaction more than the Japanese exhibition. We got many useful opinions for product development and a lot of cheers.

Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies
Takeshi Katayama
大学時代の仲間と製作中の「声を水のように貯めるデバイス OTOPOT」を、SXSW2016 Interactive TradeShowのTodai To TEXAS ブースにて展示しました。デモ機、動画、Webサイトなどを展示直前まで準備するという状況でしたが、最終的には、4日間デモを途絶えさせることなく展示を乗り切ることができました。TradeShowのお客さんの反応は日本の展示会以上にポジティブで好意的なものが多く、プロダクト開発の参考になる意見や、応援の声をたくさん頂きました。