2016 winter semester Flying Robot Project 5th Team BNovember 23, 2016


Last week the main wing was almost completed, but twisting both ends of it we discovered that the main wing’s torsional rigidity was insufficient. Moreover Mr.Kanegawa pointed out that the inclination of the wing tip was so sharp that it could cause wing tip stall. So we decided to lower the trailing edge and change the place of inserting diagonal components, and rebuilded wing tip to adhere it to girder as horizontal as possible. Then we twisted the main wing again and confirmed that the torsional rigidity was improved. We attached ailerons on the trailing edge in the remaining time.
Because we dealt with the lack of torsional rigidity promptly, we could improve the main wing in a short time. We planned to make our model plane as soon as possible so it was good that the main wing was almost completed. The rest is pasting wing paper.
Before we paste wing paper , now we are discussing how to connect the thread of the linkage. We are not sure if the horn should be closer to the trailing edge. Mechanically it would be better if it is closer to the trailing edge ,but if it is close to the trailing edge there is a danger of interfering with the trailing edge. By next week we are going to decide the place of the horn.
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Hidekazu Karino