To the 12th Indoor Flying Robot Contest_ team Alpha 2ndJuly 29, 2016


 This week, we engaged in making the 3rd airplane. In this time, we changed both the wing and body. We are going to hold the test flight next week, so there is no practical result but let me explain the expected improvement.
Main Wing
Firstly, we made the center rib in hollow structure. As a result, the center rib twisted little. Secondly, we cut the back end of the wing so that the main wing was lightened and we made it more stylish. Thirdly, we revised the joint of wing and body. In the 2nd plane, we used plywood but in the 3rd, we used balsa. Also, we shrank the distance between the wing and body, so the weight of the joint decreased greatly.
As a whole, we got concentrated in making the wing as exactly as possible, so we succeeded in making stronger one than the 2nd.
We separated the main wing and the tale wing more so that the rudder and the elevator work more effectively. Now, we completed almost all the body and wing, but we are struggling in making the system of falling the relief goods. We want to make it as soon as possible.

Masaya Ido
College of Arts and Sciences