2016 winter semester Flying Robot Project 1st Team BOctober 26, 2016


Our team has been discussing about our model plane since the last class was over. Based on the results of our former model plane, we decided to make a new model plane which is light(less than 200g) and has simple shape(for making it as quickly as possible) and can be controlled automatically. This week we made a horizontal tail and a vertical tail and developed a program which calculate the altitude. Next week we are planning to make a main wing and test electronic circuit mounted on our model plane.
We designed our plane simply so we could make tails in less than 2 hours. In last class we designed our former plane so complicated that it took several weeks to make the plane and we cannot spend much time on making program for automatic control and testing electric devices. This time our plane is simple and we may make our plane by the beginning of November. Then, we can spare much time for programming and electric circuit.
Now we are searching for information about I-square-C. A barometric pressure sensor detects altitude by measuring air pressure and send the data to microcomputer by I2 C communication. We use an Arduino and its memory is limited so we are making automatic control program with as few libraries as possible to save arduino’s memory. But it is difficult to understand I-square-C and if arduino’s memory has room for installing libraries we may use arduino’s libraries more reliable than our own program.
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Hidekazu Karino