2021 Autumn Semester Flying Robot Project Team C Article 4December 22, 2021


In this class, I made the vertical tail fin, Nanako made the horizontal tail fin, and Atsushi used the laser cutter to cut out the parts he hadn't finished cutting last week, and started making the main wings.
I used instant glue to attach the vertical tail fin, but it didn't go well and my hands became sticky with glue. Because of this, I couldn't take off my contacts and my eyes hurt. After taking a bath and doing my best to wash them, I managed to get the glue off and was relieved. But now that I've finished making the vertical tail fins I was in charge of, it looks like I won't have to worry about getting my hands sticky with glue anymore!
And then last week, an incident happened! The ESC that Nanako had made for us before disappeared. Not only was it not on our desks, but we also looked for it on shelves and in boxes, but couldn't find it. We had no choice but to have Morita-sensei remake it for us.
Atsushi said it might have gone somewhere due to the fact that people in the lab were busy because there was a flying robot competition on the weekend. That certainly seems to be a strong possibility.
The next step will be to attach the paper to the wings.
By the way, Nanako's name was still misspelled as "Yamazaki-san" by the TA.
I don't think they remember my name in the first place... I wonder if they remember me..
そして、先週は事件が起こりました!!!前にななこが作ってくれたESC がなくなりました。私たちの机の上にないのはもちろん、棚や箱の中も探したのですが見つからず。仕方ないので森田先生が作り直してくれました。