2015 summer semester team D 4thJune 10, 2015


Intensive construction of the plane has begun. We are to show the completed aircraft on July 6th so there left about three weeks ahead. This fact makes us get both excited and haste – we are looking forward to seeing our hand-made plane in the air, but on the other hand it is us that build it in no more than a month. We haven’t yet constructed –working on, of course—even the program that drives several motors to control the body while flying. We’ve got to accelerate the speed of building and programming.
By the way, we finally elected our team leader in the lecture. He manages the progress and schedule. According to our first schedule, this week we are going to build up at least the frame of the main wing by the next lecture on Wednesday. And, as for the electrical equipment, connection between censor and the microcomputer should be constructed. Signals from censors include to some extent noise that should be eliminated before transmitted to motors. And this elimination is done in the microcomputer.
There are so many things to be done. I can’t wait to see our yet-imaginary plane realized in the air in three weeks!

Department of Mechano-Informatics
Shun Yasunaga

安永 竣