2019 Autumn Semester Flying Robot Project Team D Article 6December 15, 2019


This week, we made a good progress both in making the body and in the control methods.
First, for the structural design an error was found in the initial one. The thin camber was expected for insufficient strength, so the airfoil is changed from NACA2512 to NACA4512. The camber height was increased twice. The wing with a receding angle resulted in the difficulty in locating the main spar to the back of the foils, so the solution is locating it in the lower side of the foils. The center lib has 20mm offset in the direction of z- to obtain the strength. Also, to reduce the weight, center lib has a lot of holes. For the main spar and sub spar, a cypress with 4*7mm rectangular cross section and 3mm carbon pipe is used. For the leading and trailing edge, 2*5mm cypresses are used.
The way of making the main wing should be simple and concise. The main spar is set horizontal by jigs and ribs except for the center one are located onto the spar. To keep the ribs vertical, another jigs are used. After finishing putting 5 ribs, another spar is inserted and also every structures located are glued. The leading and trailing edge are placed. And then, center rib is placed so that the main spar maintain the 10 deg angle from the horizontal plane, using another jigs for the spar. This week, we made the structure except for the center lib.
   For the control, we researched attitude control methods, especially referring some documents. One of them is “Full Quaternion Based Attitude Control for a Quadrotor”. This describes the attitude control algorithm using full quaternion. Our goal is for now, to implement the algorithm for the first flight test in January.
 制御の面では高度制御に有効な手法の研究を行なった。参考文献” Full Quaternion Based Attitude Control for a Quadrotor”を用いて、制御アルゴリズムの検討を行なった。最後の飛行試験までに実装することを目標とする。