The 6th ClassMay 22, 2013


Today we finished building the body of the model RC plane, and tested the motors and the RC system. We just had to attach the wings to the fuselage, mount the motor, and connect the rudders and the elevators to the servo motors by a string. The linkages of the servo motors were difficult, for controlling the soft string inside the fuselage was technical work. We learned a technique from Mr. Kanekawa to control the string inside the fuselage, which is to use an adhesive tape attached to a long rod to control the string. Many of the techniques we learn from the class is very easy once we learn it, but they are very hard to realize by our own minds.
There was also a problem when testing the RC system; one of the servo motors didn’t work because we accidently dropped instant glue on the shaft when attaching the string to the servo motor. We took some time to notice which parts are going. We tried to use it after removing the glue from the shaft, but it didn’t go well, so we finally used a new motor.



正村 康太郎(Kotaro Shomura)