2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 12th Team AJune 30, 2016


Last week, we moved on to the first phase of the final step. Firstly, we attached the main wing to the body carbon stick. Of course, in our plane, we can attach and remove the main wing at will anytime, so this is the work that makes it possible that we move to the next step of attaching the strings to aileron and so on. Secondly, as I wrote, we attached strings to three control surfaces. Finally, we checked the electric parts. We learned how to connect the cables by TA.
By attaching the wing to the body stick, the whole image of our plane get better and cooler, so we got a little excited. However, a lot of unexpected trouble happened. Firstly, in attaching the strings to the control surfaces, we used wrong type of string. We used a little bolder one. So, the string didn’t go through the hole of servomotors. Secondly, if we attach the servomotor of aileron string, we will come to be unable to remove the main wing. We lose one of our plane’s characteristic. It is so pity, so we have to hit on alternative idea.

Masaya Ido
College of Sciences and Arts