2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 6th Team DMay 18, 2016


First, we revised the early drawing and review the structural drawing concerning how should we arrange ribs and beams on the main wings and the rear wings referring to some advice from technical advisors and then we created a final structural drawing. On the main wing, we placed two beams to distribute any stress, which is applied to the wing, to the leading edge and trailing edge, and place ribs like the figure 1. We also decided that more frame can support the rear wings than before to strengthen them.
Second, we tried to create the structural drawing data in 3DCAD so that we will use LAZER CUTTER DEVICE then we have made only the center rib so far.

The achievements of this week’s struggle was that we structurally strengthen the wings to withstand torsional moment by adding one more beam to the main wing while cutting down on the number of useless ribs on them. Therefore our model plane would be harder keeping its weight constant.

The tasks we have to do from now on are to make the drawings in 3DCAD as soon as possible to improve the work efficiency because we still make drawings by hand and it takes a lot of time when we alter something about our plane and to determine how to mount a motor, servo motors, a speed controller, the wings and so on to the body.

Hiroki Aohama
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

航空宇宙工学科 3年 青濵広樹