2016 winter semester Flying Robot Project 2nd Team BNovember 02, 2016


This week, we almost completed making the tail wings. Also, we started making components of main wing.
In the last class, while three of us assembled parts of the tail wings, the other started making ribs of the main wing. We didn’t have much problem on assembling the tail wings, and the rudder and the elevator worked well. However, there was a problem on making the ribs.
Since our concept was to make a small and light plane, we designed the main wing with small wing area and the airfoil with large lift coefficient. Therefore, we selected the airfoil with large camber. However, once we made the ribs, we came to think the airfoil has too much camber, and the drag coefficient can increase. We will continue to discuss this problem.
Next week, we will start assembling parts of the main wing. If the construction goes well, we will be able to fly our plane by December.

Kota Dohi
Junior Student
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

土肥 宏太