2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 10th Team EJune 15, 2016


This week, we almost completed making the framework of the main wings. Also, we finished making the horizontal stabilizer and the vertical stabilizer.
In the last class, while two of us attached papers on tail wings, the others started making the main wings. We were able to attach papers on tail wings very well, and the white papers we selected matched the design of our plane. However, there was a big problem on constructing the framework of the main wing. The parts of the framework didn’t match with each other, and we couldn’t assemble them. Though we spent long time discussing the shape of each component, we didn’t discuss much about how to assemble it. Also, we didn’t write down everything we decided, and we sometimes forgot what component to connect.
Therefore, after the class, we discussed thoroughly the way to connect each component, the kind of materials needed, and the length and the shape of each component. Also, we wrote down the precise size and shape of each component and how to connect it. The next day we were able to do constructing without facing big problems.
The problem remaining is how to make the component that connects the main wings and the body. The one we made last week proved to be very fragile. Therefore we have to make the component robust while keeping the weight.

Kota Dohi
Junior Student
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

土肥 宏太