2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team A Article 8July 03, 2019


Last week, we could successfully control a servo motor, but we didn't use the remote controller to control it but used a laptop instead.
Since we successfully completed that task last week, during this week's class, we tried to connect the controller to servo motors.
Referring to a helpful website, we made a circuit and wrote some codes for us to control motors via our controller. Though there is only a code for controlling one servo motor, we now have 3 servo motors to control an aileron, an elevator, and a rudder, so we had to fix that code and the circuit on the Internet, but it was fairly simple.
When we finish all of the procedures, I am pretty sure that all of the parts can be controlled properly because that task was so simple that there is even no room for discussion.
However, as soon as we began examining if they work, we found that only the elevator doesn't work. Since we managed all the motors for each part, in the same way, we simply didn't have any solutions for that problem.
Finally, before we detected a cause for that problem, had we spent as long as one hour! It turned out that one of our electric cables to connect Arduino with the elevator was burned. We should have used a voltmeter much earlier.
The main lesson from this class was that we should consider the possibility that it is sometimes a cable, not our code or circuit that creates problems.