2021 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team D Article 4June 23, 2021 The University of Tokyo


These days in Japan, it is a rainy season called "Tsuyu." Balsa wood easily burns in laser cutter like a mosquito coil. Kazutaka Honda is writing this blog this week. We Yamwakka S are making ring wing airplane enthusiastically, unbeaten by rain. This week we assembled the lower flat wing, the vertical and horizontal tail wing, and the pod where batteries and other devices will be stored. How to attach the ring wing to the body and how to attach aileron to the lower wing have to be designed more concretely by the next class. We are planning to complete all 4 parts of the ring wing by the end of the next class. Because of the humid climate, it is difficult to cut balsa wood with the laser cutter, but we assiduously do our best dreaming of successful flying tests!