2014 summer semester 9thJune 25, 2014


 In this week, most of the teams have finished producing the frame of the wing, so they first filmed the wing. To form a good airfoil, you need to pull the film (plastic or paper) to the appropriate direction and in appropriate power, so this step also requires careful concentration.

 After that the teams started to work on the fuselage. The fuselage is made of carbon pipe and the structure itself is simple, but you have to calculate carefully the length of the fuselage and determine the places where you put the motor, wing, tail wing, and the other components, because the distance between each components affects its flight characteristics. Among them, C.G. (the center of gravity) is the most important factor and it is said that it is required to locate C.G. on 20 to 30% cord length of the main wing in order to obtain good flight property.

Shun Fujioka
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics


藤岡 駿