2014 summer semester 2ndMay 07, 2014


 In this week session, from Teacher Tsuchiya, we received an explanation of the contest rules. According to the last year rule, we have to fly an airplane lighter than 200g (or 250g if it has automatic controlling system). And we will be required to complete various kinds of missions: dropping supplies to the designated places, flying the airplane for 3 seconds without touching the controller, passing through established gates, and competing the time of gliding.

 We also learned that various kinds of airplanes are possible for the contest. Not only the orthodox fixed wing aircrafts, which we usually look at airports, but canard type airplanes, flying wings, airships, and even ornithopter have also appeared at the past contests.

 Next week, we will be divided into several groups, and arguing in the group, start to design our original aircraft which we aim to fly in this year contest.



藤岡 駿(Shun Fujioka)