2021 Autumn Semester Flying Robot Project Team B Article 2December 01, 2021


Today, we started our work in the lab.
We decided to make horizontal and vertical tail fins first ,which are easy to make ,and see how it goes. Originally, we were going to make dxf files for each of them using CAD, but we changed our plan when we found out that we didn't need to use balsa to make them, and that cutting sticks together would be enough.
In order to make the length accurately, we used instant glue to attach the pieces while placing them on a square sheet. However, to increase the strength of the joint, I added balsa pieces.
I also created the joint parts that connect the main wings to the fuselage.
I had a hard time sending the CAD data to the laser printer, and the laser did not come out properly, but it was a good experience. It was interesting to use a laser printer for the first time.
While we was struggling with the laser printer, we made a model airplane out of leftover balsa wood. We went through a trial-and-error process, paying attention to the position of the wings and the center of gravity, and eventually made up a model plane that flew well. In fact, learning through our hands in this way is probably the most important way to learn about things.