2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 11th Team AJune 22, 2016


We assembled the right wing and the left wing and the center rib. We also assembled the center rib and the wing-body juncture. There was some contortion in the right wing but it was not much problem. We pasted the flying membrane to the upper surface of the wing. We started to assemble ailerons and the wing.
We are going to assemble ailerons and the wing, assemble vertical and horizontal stabilizers and the body. And we will start to assemble electronic devices and the body.
The problem is the contortion of the wing and the aileron. It is probably due to bad keeping of parts (parts of balsa wood can be contorted by its own weight) or failure in construction. We must construct and keep parts with attention.

Tomoaki Yabu
2nd year sophomore student
University of Tokyo, College of Arts and Sciences (Science 1 course)

藪 智明
東京大学教養学部(前期課程)理科一類 2年