2014 summer semester 10thJuly 09, 2014


 This week each team worked on mounting electrical devices to their aircraft. Mainly there are five kinds of devices to mount: receiver, servo, speed controller, motor, and battery. Receiver receives control signals from a radio controller and transmits the control signals to servos and speed controller. Then the servo rotates its arm and moves the wing to control the attitude of the airplane. Speed controller powers the motor to propel the aircraft, adjusting the current output according to the signals from the receiver. A battery supplies power to these devices.

 In order to control ailerons, a rudder and an elevator, horns are attached to the controlling surface and connected to servos by string or steel wire. String is light weight but it is difficult to adjust its tension, and steel wire is easy to handle but is heavy. And the battery and the motor are especially heavy and largely affect the location of the center of gravity, so their positions have to be considered carefully.

 All of the teams are going to conduct their flight experiment next week after they finished the production.

Shun Fujioka
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics



藤岡 駿