2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 12th Team EJune 30, 2016


This week what we first did was fixing the main wing of our plane. Last week we accidentally broke a part of the trailing edge so we repaired it by installing veneer board. After that we pasted white papers and we completed building the main wing. Then we considered where to be the center of gravity and decided it behind the center of air pressure. Deciding the position of the center of gravity, we installed attachments to connect the fuselage and the main wing. Lastly we pasted the tail wing on the fuselage. Moreover, we began to practice controlling our plane by a flight simulator and checked whether each sensors and motors operate correctly.
We finally have built the main wing. When we broke the trailing edge we were very worried about if we could build our plane by the deadline, but we managed to build it. We would complete building our plane in next week.
However we have some problems. Controlling model planes by manual is more difficult than what we expected, so when we test our autopilot system on the aircraft we have to carefully set parameters.

Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Hidekazu Karino