2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 7th Team CMay 25, 2016


In this week, we drew the exact size drawing of building a vertical tail and elevons. Following advice of TAs, we decided to make a larger ladder than that of the final manuscript. We are going to construct the frame of the wings following this plan. The structure of these wings is relatively simple, so we decided to make them first. However we have not made a plan of making the main wing because the structure of this wing seems to need some improvements. Concretely, we may have to find out more ideal shape of the wing because the result of analysis of the present wing in “3D analysis of XFLR5” had some problems. We decided that we should not attach importance to the result, but we will continue the analysis until next week. Moreover, the main wing was separated two parts and we had to decide how to connect them.
In this week, we finished making drew the exact size plan, this is only a work we were able to do in this week. This is a small advance, but the plan will allows us to make great improvement in next week.
Our main task of next week is constructing the frame of elevon and vertical tail and making the exact size drawing of the main wing. In next week, it is expected that we will be busy and have difficulty finding time to do these tasks. However, next week will be one of the most important weeks of this project and we must make a greatest effort.

Shimizu Takahiro
College of Arts and Science, The University of Tokyo

東京大学教養学部 清水崇博