2018 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team F Article 6May 16, 2018


This week, we started to produce the ribs from balsa wood board. An entire wing was modeled using Autodesk Inventor, from which seven ribs were sliced out of. Additionally, wing spar was modeled in and the joint between spar and the ribs were created. All ribs were imported in individual files, in which rounded-triangular holes were cut into ribs to reduce the weight. The 3d data of the ribs were reformatted into 2d diagrams and were exported as PDF to be used in laser cutting machine. Several ribs were cut out of 1.5mm thick balsa wood. Cutting was done by automated laser cutter. However, some of the ribs contained undesired cut. Some of these extra cuts were due to faulty pdf, which contained extra line that were not intended to be. The pdf was created by “slicing” 3d data, and we could not find an easy way to fix the 3d data so that the end pdf will not contain unwanted lines. We resorted to use libre office to edit the pdf itself to remove unwanted lines, but that was when the time ran out. The cutting will be done on the following week. This week, we only managed to cut 5 ribs including defective ones. 今週我々はリブを作りはじめた。まず翼全体をインヴェンターでモデリングした。全てのリブは切り出されてバラバラのファイルにインポートされた。その後 軽量化のために肉抜きされた。3dデータは2dに変換されて、pdfとしてエクスポートされた。レーザーカッターでいくつかのリブが1.5mm厚のバルサから切り出された。しかしいくつかのリブには余計な線が入っていた。そのうちのいくつかは意図しない線が入っていたpdfデータのせいであった。これらのデータは3dデータをスライスすることによって作られていたので、なおすためにpdfを直接編集した。時間がなくなったので残りは次週に行なう。今週は5個だけ作れた。