2018 Winter Semester Flying Robot Project Team A Article 1November 21, 2018


Our drone’s concept is that “to be free to rotate in any direction in the air”. The body has a regular octahedral shape. Then it can rotate while flying. It has eight propellers and the height will be about 30 centimeters. Only four propellers are used to rise, and others are used to control the aircraft while rotating. If a drone can rotate freely in the air, it can make new movements and new possibility. After coming up with this concept, we did some background research, and we found that a team in University of Zurich has already succeeded to make a drone which has very similar concept to ours. The biggest difference between it and ours is the shape. The shape of the drone from UZH is cube, while ours is regular octahedral. Although both have eight propellers, the directions of them are slightly different.
This week we did a discussion about the parts we use for the drone. We decided to use carbon pipes for the frame and joints made with a 3D printer. Then we determined the battery and the propellers and estimated the overall weight. To make a lighter body, we must think about the design again and again. We will use Pixhawk 4 as a flight controller and have already purchased it. Next week we will assemble carbon pipes and joints to make the flame, and decide other parts such as antenna, motor and ESC and purchase them. We would like to finish assembly and start to program for the flight control as soon as possible.
The attached picture is about the CAD of the joint.

Tomohiro Hashimoto

Tomohiro Hashimoto