2019 Autumn Semester Flying Robot Project Team A Article 5February 05, 2020


Our group, Group A, has decided to make an all-wing aircraft. The all-wing aircraft has the complicated shape, because the main wing and the tail wing are merged. However, all of us would like to make the aircraft which has the big main wing, so we have decided this shape of the aircraft.
In the class of this week, we continued the work as we did in the last week. Concretely, we assembled the parts. First, I connected the main wing and the fuselage. Second, I connected the body and the shaft.
First, I will talk about the connection of the main wing and the body. I made the special parts for the connectors which let us connect the two parts firmly. Because of the large size of the wing, we had to cooperate connecting the main wing and the body. This work is very hard and difficult, but we were very impressed when we connected the main wing to the body correctly.
Second, I will talk about the connection of the body and the shaft. We also made the special parts. This part needed a little twist in thinking so we made the hole in order to be able to pass the rod of the shaft. Therefore, assembling the parts together were difficult but that in the end created a very rigid aircraft.
These special parts will reinforce the aircraft and the aircraft can fly stable.
In the next week, we are going to fly the aircraft after some adjustment.
Thank you for supporting our study every week.
1、 まず同体と主翼の接合についてです。専用のパーツを作りました。これによって安定してつなげられました。ボンドを使って慎重に作業を行いました。主翼が大きいのでみんなで協力してやらなければいけなかったので大変でしたがうまく繋がったときには達成感がありました。
2、 次に胴体と軸との接合についてです。これも専用のパーツを作りました。このパーツは軸が通れるように穴を開けるなど工夫しました。そのため設計には苦労しましたが無事に組み立てられました。