2020 Autumn Flying Robot Project Team D Article 1October 25, 2020 place


We(group D) decided to make a hydroplane. However, we do not have any place for the plane to take off and land on water, so we need to make a plane which can take off and land both on water and ground. This week, we made simple three views, but our first plan had too large aspect ratio and so too fast assumed speed. We retouched it and now we are thinking of how to make and mount float and gear. We are going to finish making detailed three views and the list of parts by next week. 私たちD班は水上飛行機を作ることにしました。しかし、離着陸できる水面がないため着陸と着水の両方のできる飛行機を作る必要があります。今週は簡単な三面図を作りましたが、アスペクト比を大きくとりすぎてかつ想定速度を速くしすぎました。私達はこれを修正し、フロートとギアの取り付け方について考えています。来週までに構造三面図と部品リストを作り終える予定です。